Changing Impression

The Longer I stay in Japan, the more conformable I get. Compared to the first day that I came to Japan , it was hot and sticky. I along with my body did not know how to adapt to it. But as time passed by, I learn how to adapt to japan, it’s rules and way of life. Evening shopping became easy for me, even though I have limited Japaneses.


Not only did shopping become easy but also traveling with trains. I must admit it will be what I will miss most when I go back to states because it is very easy to travel through Japan. Not only that the trains are never late, or they say so.


Thus, my views of japan had changed through out my stay from hard to simple, from odd to normal. Therefore I am afraid when I go back to the states it will more difficult to adapt back in comparison to japan.


Entertainment and Art in Japan


There are many entertainment and art that are presented in japan but not as many as Hello Kitty! Hello Kitty is a fictional Character that grew it’s popularity over a short time. She was created in 1974 . A year later presented to the public in a form of coin purses and from there she made her way to America growing.

Now in 2008, one can not walk outside with out seeing a Hello kitty whether it be a toy, pen, key or phone charm. The Young and old carries it in some form or another. Only very few people in Japan do not like Hello kitty.


Hello Kitty is a five apple tall and it weigh about three apples. She lives with her parents in England, London. And yes, she has a boyfriend whose name is Dear Daniel. She has many friends and also likes to make new ones.

How she got so popular, a book by Ken Belson and Brian Bremner explains it all in, Hello Kitty: The Remarkable Story of Sanrio and the Billion Dollar Feline Phenomenon.

This a is a book that presents everything that one would like to know about Hello Kitty in a business world. As well as the ideology behind it. Interested? You can find on Amazon.com or your local book store.

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Politics In Japan


Every single time a friend, classmate, mother or father would come over to any Kansai Gaidai House Seminar they are required to wear a Visitor tag around their neck. This tag around their neck have many rules and regulation which the guest will have to follow and if not, there will consequences. And with this tag, the guest are then restricted from doing things in which many exchange student can not agree upon nor grasp the the reason behind it.


For example, as illustrated in on the the tag, a guest that one brings into House Seminar cannot enter in the kitchen. Why is this? TAn R.A. explains that because rescources in House Seminar are only for those live there. If a guest were to use it, then are taking it away from the residents. Therefore in in conclusion, the ulities at the House Seminar house are only for those who are living there, not for guess. Although, Visitor may stay in the rooms of their host or living area.


I suppose it makes sense, but at the same time, what happens if friends want to cook together or celebrate birthdays?

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Religion In Japan

There are many religions in Japan, but one that I would like to talk about in this blog is Tenrikyo. What is Tenrikyo one may ask?

Tenrikyo is a New Religion. It is located in Nara, which takes about one hour or so to get there from Hirakata Station. Tenrikyo founder is a woman, Miki Maegawa Nakayama who was put in jail for protesting against the Emperor. She was believed to be embodied with a god, Tenri-O-no-Mikoto, resulting to having the ability to communicate with him/her. Not to long she died, but is still perceived by the Tenrikyo followers t as alive. Till this day, new kimono are brought fourth to her as well as food.


Tenrikyo is the belief of the, “Joyous of life.” This is the belief that God the parent, Tenri-O-no-Mikoto, has lent human beings a body to live life to their fullest and best of their abilities. Therefore the only thing that belong to human beings is the mind itself. They also believe that for one to help society and those around them is to be rid of the eight dust. These eight dust are; miserliness, covetousness, hatred, self-love, grudge-bearing, anger, greed, arrogance. By getting rid of these, one is able to live life to fullest as well as help those around them.

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Gender in Japan

Japan, itself is advancing quick and becoming more modernize year by year. Although it may be advancing quickly it is still holding onto its’ traditional roots and roles that is played between women and men. One can get such glimpse of this when going to Kyoto in Goin, the Geisha district.


Geisha are known to be masters of arts as well as entertainers. They are taught to be the best the host that there is. As a result, playing role of ” Ideal Japanese women.” Whatever these men wished the Geisha would do, sing, dance. talk, and drink. They are the one who pour the tea and wine , serve the food and engaging conversation in a polite manger. Thus implying a male dominance society and the norms of a Japanese women.

But on the hand, in Numba in Osaka there is a reversal of roles that is being played the men. Men are now the Geisha, and the Geisha are now the men. These men are called Host, their main goal is to make their client achieve their dream relationship. Like the Geisha are excepted to make polite conversation, pour the drinks, serve food. They are also excepted to dress their best and impress as many women they can. Although they are there to charm the women, and pour their drinks they come at price.


The world of Japan there are old traditions that are held within Goin, and host in Numba playing a womanly role thus giving their client who are women, power over them, or it may seem so.

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Sports in Japan

In japan, there are many sports that one can practice in. These sports ranged from traditional sports to new modern ones such as Kendo, jujutsu, cricket fighting, baseball, basket ball and soccer. All these sports that are listed are very popular and some still are till this day, 2008. From young to old the Japanese people enjoy walking, running through parks and playing catch with their son’s and sons with their father.


On that note, there are clubs committed to one type of sports, these club are not consider as a team like in the USA, but a club. For example, Kansai Gaidai. As the picture is shown, this sport is strictly base ball club. I usually see them almost every single day when I get out of class, in the evening where there is no sun. It is amazing that they still practice after day break and for ours such as their Tennis club and soccer club. Students who join clubs in their school even at Kansai Gaidai are very committed to it. Even if it is cold outside and dark outside they do not stop their training or practices. Instead they carry on, and try harder.

Not every one joins a club to play sports. Some can play it their own backyards. And others goes a near park with siblings, parents and friends or enjoy a game with their friends on the open courts that are provided for them by the school.



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What has not been absorb by Japan? That I could not tell you, but I can say with great confidence that Macdonald’s has been one hundred absorb and integrated into the roots of Japan. Every where I go, from Kansai Gaidai University to Hirakata Station and even further I see large amount of students, young and old gathering around ordering their meals from Macdonald’s .

Not only has it been absorb and integrated into the every day Japan meal plans on the go. It has been alter or adjust to the liking of Japaneses taste. Such as the picture that is seen above. It is clear that there are some burgers that only Japan has that does not exist in the U.S.


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